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Oklahoma State University

ResLife Recycles Maps

Where is the closest recycling dumpster?

Blue single-stream dumpsters are generally located near your trash dumpster. It is your responsibility to take your recyclables to the designated locations. Please note that our recycler does not accept plastic bags. We ask you just dump your recyclables in loosely or in a paper bag. No Plastic Bags!                                                                         

  Single-Stream Recycle Dumpster     

Remember – no plastic bags in the big blue single-stream recycle containers! Empty the contents of your plastic bag or use a paper bag, which is accepted in the program. Plastic bags and film or stretch wrap mess up baling equipment and require special care. 

On campus, you may recycle plastic bags in the green, octagon-shaped recycle bins located in the Kerr-Drummond Mezzanine, the Griffith Center, and Stout Hall. These bins were made possible by a Green Student Initiative award and are maintained by student volunteers

Outside of campus, you may return your plastic bags and other non-rigid plastics to your Stillwater grocers like Food Pyramid and Walmart.

For more info about recycling plastic bags and their impact on our environment, please click here!





If you need help finding your nearest recycling dumpster then you've come to the right place! Just click on the name of your hall below and a map will open up and show exactly where to take your recyclables! 



Drummond, Iba, Jones, Kerr, Parker, Patchin, Village C&D, Village E&F, Village HS, Village CASNR, Wentz

Kamm, Peterson, Friend


Allen, Booker, Bost, Commons, Davis, Morsani, Sitlington, Smith, Stinchcomb, Young, Zink


Family & Graduate Student Housing Dumpster Locations


























Blue, single-stream recycle dumpster clustered with a beige trash dumpster.